Philosophy :



    The functioning of the stables rests on the professionalism of Sylvain Guasco. Trained in the greatest european stables, he still perfects himself with the best protagonists of the discipline, so his structure and horseriders can benefit from his solid experience. In quest of excellence, he's surrounded by a faithful and competent team.

      The main objective of our team is the moral and physical well-being of the horses. Quality hay and grain, daily outings in paddocks, cares... All is thought out in order to respect their natural needs.

Our healers pay close attention to each horse. They daily follow the evolution of their physical condition, of their behavior and communicate with the owners in order to keep the horses in an excellent state.


         Écuries Guasco sees also to the enhancement and the work of the horses. Young horse or Grand Prix's horse, this work is always effected in respect and confidence. We look for the right development of their muscle structure and their physical condition and we do our best to keep up their mental disponibility.

         The work is adapted to each horse, according to his maturity and his skills. In order to bring a promising horse to the top level, this is often tiny adjustments which are necessary to make the difference : so each mount follows an individualized education to reveal his potential.

           Our owners's objectives are took on board in this learning, like to improve their riding, to perform in contests or enhance their horse.

         In a same way, during the sells of the horses, we look for create harmonious couples in order to guarantee satisfaction to the new owners.